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Loft Conversions - Process & Timescales


Design & Plan

Discuss your requirements
Step 1

Velux: 1 week
Dormer: 1 week

Telephone email or, use our contact form to arrange an appointment for your free, no obligation survey. During the survey we will take measurements and discuss your requirements and soon after you will receive a fixed proce quotation.

Discuss your requirements
Step 2

Velux: 2 weeks
Dormer: 3 weeks

Our Architect then draws up plans and produces structural calculations to building regulation requirements. Upon your approval, these are then submitted to your local authority

Discuss your requirements
Step 3

Velux: 5 weeks
Dormer: 10 weeks

Once the neccessary planning/permitted development and building regulations approval is granted, your project manager will agree a suitable start date for your conversion. He will then organise a schedule of work, materials and tradesmen from the first through to the last day of the project. If required, a scaffold is erected a few days prior to the start of the conversion.

"I could not be more pleased with the way my loft has been finished, the quality of work is absolutely fantastic and it looks so natural it’s like it was part of the original house. Chris and the guys were very easy to have around the house and they worked day in and day out until the job was complete, I would recommend Chris & his crew to anyone considering a professional loft conversion."

  Mandy, Bolton

Discuss your requirements
Stage 1

Velux: 2 weeks
Dormer: 3 weeks

• Structural steel installed. View a video here (opens in new window)
• Floor joists
• Floor insulation fitted
• Tongue & groove flooring fitted
• Velux/Dormer windows installed
• First fix plumbingMbr> • First fis electrics
• Initial visit from buildings inspector to check structural works

Discuss your requirements
Stage 2

Velux: 1 week
Dormer: 2 weeks

• Insulate walls & ceiling
• Fit staircase or loft ladder
• If required, finish exterior of Dormer window
• Plasterboard walls & ceiling
• Fit door frames

Discuss your requirements
Stage 3

Velux: 4 days
Dormer: 1 week

• Plaster all areas

Discuss your requirements
Stage 4

Velux: 1 week
Dormer: 7 days

• Final fix plumbing
• Final fix ensuite if required
• Final fix electrics
• Final fix carpentry eg: doors, skirting, architrave & Stair handrail
• Tiling if required

Discuss your requirements
Stage 5

Velux: TBC
Dormer: TBC

• Fit furniture as required
• Fit blinds as required
• Decoration as required

Discuss your requirements
Stage 6

• Check alll work is completed to high standard
• Final visit from building inspector
• Final payment

Approximate timescales

  Room in roof/Velux only with Dormers
Design & Plan
Step 1 1 week 1 week
Step 2 2 weeks 3 weeks
Step 3 5 weeks 10 weeks
Stage 1 2 weeks 3 weeks
Stage 2 1 week 2 weeks
Stage 3 4 days 1 week

Stage 4

1 week 7 days

Stage 5

Total 4 weeks 4 days 7 weeks 4 days

* If adding ensuite add 1 week
* If adding fitted furbntiure add 4 days
* If lowering ceilings add 8 days


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